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F.i.g.u.r.e ME

Made for Jerusalem design Week 2022: JDW
This project is a collaboration with Shaul Cohen

figuer me studio-2.jpg
figuer me studio-18.jpg
figuer me studio-21.jpg
figuer me studio-7.jpg
figuer me studio-17.jpg
figuer me studio-54.jpg

A figurine is a small object in the shape of a woman or an animal that has been used by different cultures throughout human history. The figurines of each period are characterized by different materials, production methods, morphologies and uses.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered figurines that were used as amulets, sacred objects and symbols of fertility. One can learn from them about the beliefs, rituals and everyday life in ancient civilizations.

In this work, a series of figurines represent typical aspects of Israeliness. Each figurine carries a cultural symptom, local folklore, or a common code of conduct. We suggest seeing these contemporary figurines on the continuum of the ancient series of local figurines. They were scanned in a three-dimensional scanner, underwent computational design and rebuilt as figures in today's Israeli society.

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