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This project is supported by “Mifal Hapais” the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Art.

The project describes a trajectory leading from traditional and modern manual crafts to contemporary crafts which are based on algorithmic design, digital research, and 3D mapping and printing programs. Moving between various disciplines of design, the project opens up political and personal inquiries into manufacturing processes, power relations and gender identity, patterns of consumerism, and aesthetic conventions. The work highlights the Sisyphic aspect of various women’s crafts and investigates their relevance in today’s technological and global world, where the longing for craft, embodied work, local economy and culture, and ecological sensibility, is increasing. 

My project follows the works of female weavers who studied and taught at the Bauhaus. I research, analyse, and reconstruct the techniques and methods they used to create textiles and carpets, as well as the particular patterns, rythmes, and compositions that characterize each of them. 


The project provides a new perspective on specific Bauhaus works and articulates a contemporary interpretation to what craft may mean in today’s culture and society. It transforms an existing work through material translation, morphological change, and algorithmic manipulation. 



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