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Tamara Efrat is an interdisciplinary designer, lecturer, researcher and the owner of Tamara Anna Efrat Design Studio. Her research and creative work focus on the relationship between traditional craft and new technology. She Holds M.Des degree in Industrial Design and Technology from Bezalel academy (with distinction) and  B.FA degree in Fashion Design from Shenkar college. Tamara is a design lecturer at Shenkar college and Wizo Academie. She was a co-founder and the CEO of Mon Terra, a sustainable-design company addressing the issue of plastic waste. Her work is exhibited in numerous local and international museums and galleries and is published in various art and design magazines. Tamara is consulting to companies and startups about design and has presented her work in conferences such as Design Museum Holon’s 10th International Symposium, and CHI (computer human interaction) conference in San Jose, USA. and was published in numerous art and design magazines.


2023 - "Zumu Akko", (curator: Milana Gitzin Adiram), Akko

2023- Solo Exhibition “Encoded Craft”, BY5 Gallery, (curator: Talia Janover), Tel-Aviv

2023- “Atuma”, Ha’Hava Gallery, Holon (curator: Guy Morag)

2022- “TOUCHED”, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem (curator: Alon Razgour)

2022- “Shelf Life”, B.Y5 Gallery, Tel Aviv (curator: Merav Rahat)

2021 - "Black Box", Benyaminyi Contemporary Ceramic Center, (curator Galina Arbeli), Tel Aviv

2021 - "Fresh Paint", Velodrom, Tel Aviv

2021 - "Black Box", Design Museum, (curators design museum team), Holon
2019 - "Garden of Eden", Tokyo Design Week, (curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran), Tokyo
2019 - "RESOLUTION", Berlin Design Week, (curators: Dana Ben-Shalom and Galit Shvo), Berlin
2019 - "BauNow", Hansen House, (curators: Dana Ben-Shalom and Galit Shvo), Jerusalem
2018 - “Time Machines”, Design Museum, (curators Rona Zinger and Noga Shimshon), Holon
2018 - “Future Home”, Architecture Gallery, (curators: Limor Yossifon Goldman and Dana Gordon), Jaffa
2018 - “PHENOMENA”, Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design, curators Marion Pinaffo and Raphael Pluvinage), Bordeaux, France
2018- "Con-Serve” Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran), Jerusalem
2017- “Violent Object”, State of design, Berlin Design Week (curators: Itay Laniado, Shira Keret), Berlin
2017- “Violent Object”, Vitrina Gallery, (curators: Itay Laniado, Shira Keret), Holon
2017- “Object”, Illustration Week Tel-Aviv, (curators: Danielle Ventura, Efrat Fridenzon), Tel-Aviv
2016- ״The Winners of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Prizes”, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (curator: Tali Ben-Nun), Herzliya
2016- ״Embracing Innovation״, Craft ACT, (curator: Mel George), Canberra, Australia
2016- ״Creators”, Hanina Gallery, (curator: Shahaf Dekel), Tel-Aviv
2016- “Pencil”, Loveat Gallery, (curator: Limor Yossifon Goldman), Tel-Aviv
2016- “Scaffolding”, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2015- Solo exhibition, “Crafted Technology”, Bit Hair Museum, (curator: Claudette Zorea), Tel-Aviv
2015- “Meta Bolism”, Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curators: Glit Shvo, Johnathan Hopp), Jerusalem
2015- “The new Craft”, Vitrina Gallery, (curator: Yeal Eylat Van-Essen), Holon
2015- “The ABC of elections”, Ha’heder Gallery, (curator: Alef Alef Alef), Tel-Aviv
2011- “Color Night dresses”, Lorver Gallery, (curator: Ronen Levin), Ramat Gan


2022 - Ministry of Culture and Sport grant for a solo exhibition.

2022 - Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts grant for a solo exhibition.

2021- Grant for the company “Mon Terra” from W19

2019- Grant from “OGS” Our Generation Speaks for “Mon Terra” project.

2019- Grant from “Mifal Hapais” Council For Culture & Art.

2017- “Fashion Hackday”, Berlin Fab Lab, winner of second prize.

2016- Design and Technology Competition, Bezalel and the Hebrew University: winner of first prize. 

2015- Certificate for Excellence in Design, M.Des in Industrial Design and Technology, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. 

2011-  Excellency Prize for Academic Achievements, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel

Residency and Fellowship

2021- Residency at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center.

2019- Participating in the program women for climate, C40 organization.

2019- OGS Fellowship in Boston at Brandeis University and MIT University.  

2018- “BauNow” 2 weeks residency first week was (April) in Tel-Aviv and the second week (October) in berlin working at the UDK University and in Anhalt University Dessau toward Exhibition that will be held in Berlin and Tel-Aviv.  

2018- JDW residency at Hansen house, Jerusalem, one week residency toward Jerusalem Design week. 

Conference Paper
Efrat, Tamara Anna, Moran Mizrahi and Amit Zoran. 2016. "The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity.” The 34th international conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA


2022- Lecturer at the conference, Design, Code, Human, HIT Holon, 2.5.2022
2017- Lecturer at the 10th International symposium, Design Museum Holon, 8.9.2017
2016- presenting the paper “The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity”, at CHI, the top conference for Human-Computer Interaction. 7.5.2016-12.5.2016, San Jose, CA, USA
2016- presenting the paper “The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity”, at Isra HCI, the fourth Israeli conference for research Human-Computer Interaction 18.2.2016, Shenkar School of Engineering and Design, Israel.
2015- participated at the annual conference on the digitization of Cultural Heritage, Van Leer, Jerusalem Institute, 8-9.11.2015.



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