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2023 - "Zumu Akko", (curator: Milana Gitzin Adiram), Akko

2023- Solo Exhibition “Encoded Craft”, BY5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv (curator: Talia Janover)

2023- “Atuma”, Ha’Hava Gallery, Holon (curator: Guy Morag)

2022 - “Present Future”, Joseph Gallery, Paris design week (curator: Galina Arbeli)

2022 - "For Now” Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran)

2022 - “Shod Va Sever”, Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curator: Shahar Kedem), Jerusalm

2022 - “TOUCHED”, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem (curator: Alon Razgour)

2022 - “Shelf Life”, B.Y5 Gallery, Tel Aviv (curator: Merav Rahat)

2021 - "Black Box", Benyaminyi Contemporary Ceramic Center, (curator Galina Arbeli), Tel Aviv

2021 - "Fresh Paint", Velodrom, Tel Aviv

2021 - "Black Box", Design Museum, (curators design museum team), Holon

2019 - "Garden of Eden", Tokyo Design Week, (curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran), Tokyo

2019 - "RESOLUTION", Berlin Design Week, (curators: Dana Ben-Shalom and Galit Shvo), Berlin

2019 - "BauNow", Hansen House, (curators: Dana Ben-Shalom and Galit Shvo), Jerusalem

2018 - “Time Machines”, Design Museum, (curators Rona Zinger and Noga Shimshon), Holon

2018 - “Future Home”, Architecture Gallery, (curators: Limor Yossifon Goldman and Dana Gordon), Jaffa

2018 - “PHENOMENA”, Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design, curators Marion Pinaffo and Raphael Pluvinage), Bordeaux, France

2018- "Con-Serve” Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curators: Tal Erez, Anat Safran), Jerusalem

2017- “Violent Object”, State of design, Berlin Design Week (curators: Itay Laniado, Shira Keret), Berlin

2017- “Violent Object”, Vitrina Gallery, (curators: Itay Laniado, Shira Keret), Holon

2017- “Object”, Illustration Week Tel-Aviv, (curators: Danielle Ventura, Efrat Fridenzon), Tel-Aviv

2016- ״The Winners of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Prizes”, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (curator: Tali Ben-Nun), Herzliya

2016- ״Embracing Innovation״, Craft ACT, (curator: Mel George), Canberra, Australia

2016- ״Creators”, Hanina Gallery, (curator: Shahaf Dekel), Tel-Aviv

2016- “Pencil”, Loveat Gallery, (curator: Limor Yossifon Goldman), Tel-Aviv

2016- “Scaffolding”, Hansen House, Jerusalem

2015- Solo exhibition, “Crafted Technology”, Bit Hair Museum, (curator: Claudette Zorea), Tel-Aviv

2015- “Meta Bolism”, Jerusalem Design Week, Hansen House, (curators: Glit Shvo, Johnathan Hopp), Jerusalem

2015- “The new Craft”, Vitrina Gallery, (curator: Yeal Eylat Van-Essen), Holon

2015- “The ABC of elections”, Ha’heder Gallery, (curator: Alef Alef Alef), Tel-Aviv

2011- “Color Night dresses”, Lorver Gallery, (curator: Ronen Levin), Ramat Gan


2022 - Ministry of Culture and Sport grant for a solo exhibition.

2022 - Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts grant for a solo exhibition.

2021- Grant for the company “Mon Terra” from W19

2019- Grant from “OGS” Our Generation Speaks for “Mon Terra” project.

2019- Grant from “Mifal Hapais” Council For Culture & Art.

2017- “Fashion Hackday”, Berlin Fab Lab, winner of second prize.

2016- Design and Technology Competition, Bezalel and the Hebrew University: winner of first prize. 

2015- Certificate for Excellence in Design, M.Des in Industrial Design and Technology, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. 

2011-  Excellency Prize for Academic Achievements, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel


Residency and Fellowship

2021- Residency at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center.

2019- Participating in the program women for climate, C40 organization.

2019- OGS Fellowship in Boston at Brandeis University and MIT University.  

2018- “BauNow” 2 weeks residency first week was (April) in Tel-Aviv and the second week (October) in berlin working at the UDK University and in Anhalt University Dessau toward Exhibition that will be held in Berlin and Tel-Aviv.  

2018- JDW residency at Hansen house, Jerusalem, one week residency toward Jerusalem Design week. 

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