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Conference Paper

Efrat, Tamara Anna, Moran Mizrahi and Amit Zoran. 2016. "The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity.” The 34th international conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA


2022- Lecturer at the conference, Design, Code, Human, HIT Holon, 2.5.2022

2017- Lecturer at the 10th International symposium, Design Museum Holon, 8.9.2017

2016- presenting the paper “The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity”, at CHI, the top conference for Human-Computer Interaction. 7.5.2016-12.5.2016, San Jose, CA, USA

2016- presenting the paper “The Hybrid Bricolage - Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity”, at Isra HCI, the fourth Israeli conference for research Human-Computer Interaction 18.2.2016, Shenkar School of Engineering and Design, Israel.

2015- participated at the annual conference on the digitization of Cultural Heritage, Van Leer, Jerusalem Institute, 8-9.11.2015.




Portfolio Podcast - Episode 45, Yuval Saar interviewing Tamara Efrat



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"Illustration Week 2018 The Curators Choice" 22.11.2018

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Time Out Israel - “Where Fashion Meets Tech", february 2017

Xnet - “Folding: from houses to bags, origami is expending”, 6.11.2016

DesignBoom, "The 'Violent Object' Exhibition", May 2017

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Design Museum Holon Magazine issue-13 9.11.2015

House & beauty magazine - “Parametric view on the New Craft”, 25.1.2016

DezignZoom, - “graduation show”, 25.2.2016

Galleria, Ha'aretz - "Within Tamara Efrat's Closet", Fashion section, 06.05.2011

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