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Copy Without a Source

Collaboration with Yoav Peled
Commissioned by the `The Future Home` exhibition in the Architect’s House Gallery. Tel Aviv, 2018 (curated by Limor Yosifon Goldman and Dana Gordon).
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The work “Copy Without a Source” deals with the topic of the Future Home and its emotional and physical presence in our daily life.

Would we still need a permanent home in the future?

Or will the house be a temporary space that we replace or mobilize from place to place?

Will the next evolutionary step of our home only satisfy our physical needs, or, on the contrary, will our home become purely an emotional symbol?

By creating a space with no roots and no grounding, can we copy the familiarity, warmness, and protective feeling that is called “homeliness”?

What makes us feel at home? Is it the domestic artifacts?

Or maybe an image of home could provide our mental need for safety and shelter?

In the work Copy Without a Source, we created a home in which the walls are not defined, different spaces merge into one another, and there are no rooms.

A 2.6-meter metal hoop is floating in the air, with a 10-meter fabric screen threaded on it, on which the house is printed.

The house can be mobilized and is without an origin, and yet staying inside grants the visitor with a sense of familiarity and isolation from the outside world.

Our work is a simulacrum of the idea of home, in which a new space is created with no beginning or end and which includes everything that symbolizes a home, starting with the couch, plants, pets, and even the cracks and stains on the walls.

The project is displayed in “The Future Home” exhibition in the “Architect’s House” Gallery.

The exhibition was curated by Limor Yosifon Goldman and Dana Gordon.

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