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Between Time and Space

Collaboration with Michal Shaham, 2018

Commissioned for Design Museum Holon.

The work is part of the Design Museum’s collection.


2021 -  `Black Box, Design` Museum, (curators design museum team), Holon

2018 - `Time Machines`, Design Museum, (curators Rona Zinger and Noga Shimshon), Holon



This project seeks to demonstrate the physical differences between the unified dimension of time, which cannot be controlled, and the dimension of space that can be controlled by means of animation, an entity that represents both time and space. Every point in the animation is represented by three values. When the numerical value representing time is replaced by that of the X axis, and vice versa, the movement takes on a new form. A suspension of the animation at certain moments enabled the sampling of patterns that were printed and

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